Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Poster Artist Has Roots in YATS

By Don Redman

Kahra Martinez comes from a family that has played a prominent role at Slidell Little Theatre for more than a decade. Her father, Fred, has served on the board of directors in various capacities, including until just recently Board President. Her mother, the late Fabian Martinez, was instrumental in getting the family involved in SLT, enrolling Kahra and sisters Kirstin and Kelsey in the Young Actors Theatre of Slidell (YATS) program and later co-directing YATS for years.

Today, Kahra is a web and mobile application designer in Hammond. She is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art with emphases in graphic design, digital art and painting.

In addition to co-creating SLT’s very first website with her father, for the past several years Kahra has also donated her artistic talents to designing several posters for our main stage, YATS and mini-YATS shows. Her designs for the 2015 YATS season were simply fantastic and were a wonderful gift to a program that is so near and dear to the entire Martinez family.

Kahra can be found online at Kahra.com.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Invest in SLT - Join Today!

Did You Know That You Can Buy Your Membership Online?

Memberships are the financial lifeline of the Theatre. It is through this support that the Theatre can fulfill its mission to “engage, educate, and involve members of the community in high quality theatrical productions.”

If you are not already a member, we invite you to support the Performing Arts by investing in Northshore’s premier community theatre and becoming a valued patron of the Slidell Little Theatre.


Why Should You Become a Member of Slidell Little Theatre?

Nurture New Artists:

Many successful actors, directors, writers, and choreographers have launched their careers in humble, small town playhouses. Just by attending and applauding, audiences give up-and-coming stars the positive feedback they need to continue their artistic pursuits. 

Why become a member

Share Valuable Skills:

Community theaters need more than just cast members. Anyone that can sew a costume, paint a backdrop, build a staircase, or edit a sound effect is a desirable addition to the company. Novices of a particular skill, such as construction or lighting, can increase their ability by working alongside veteran craftsmen.  Likewise, experts can enjoy sharing their knowledge and passing their craftsmanship to the next generation.
advertise_large with us
Advertise Locally:
 Small business owners should financially support playhouses, and not just for altruistic reasons. A good thirty minutes before a show, most audience members spend their time thumbing through the program, inspecting the actor bios. It’s the perfect opportunity to advertise.  Theatregoers are essentially a captive audience while they scan through the program. Small business can use this time to reach hundreds of potential customers. Ad space is relatively inexpensive and will help the performing arts thrive.

 Come out to Socialize-3
Socialize with New People:

Whether you work as an assistant director, a chorus member, the star of the show or a stagehand, one thing is certain: you will meet new friends. There is something exhilarating about putting on a show. It brings people close together; it tests their skills, and it enlightens audiences.  Many lifelong friendships and relationships have been formed while practicing sword fighting, stage-kissing, or falling through a trap door. There is a strong bond with all who band together to put on a play. We become friends because we work as one to tell as story.

Be Part of the Storytelling Process:

Plays are an ancient form of storytelling. It’s a creative ritual still very much alive despite the age of Youtube.
Most community theaters produce time-tested classics such as Man of La Mancha, Death of a Salesman, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Romeo and Juliet.  Some are light hearted; some are deep and profound. All offer a message to the audience. Classic and contemporary plays speak to us because they explore what it means to be human. Those who participate in the storytelling process can feel proud knowing they are spreading a positive message to their community.

So go audition. Offer up your skills. Advertise in the program. Contribute your time and energy. And by all means, go see a show! You’ll become a part of the vibrant, long-cherished tradition of the theatrical storytelling.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

'Poppins' Cast Announced

Congratulations to the cast of Mary Poppins!

The shows begin August 28th through September 13th

     Emily Wright.... Mrs. Corry *
Emma St. Cyr.... Jane Banks *
Jacob Lacoste.... Neleus *
John Kirkpatrick.... George Banks *
Josh St. Cyr.... Bert *
Lisa Meredith.... Winifred Banks *
Lori Fasone.... Mrs. Brill *
Melanie St. Cyr.... Mary Poppins *
Michael Osborn.... Admiral Boom *
Nicholas Pucheu.... Robertson Ay *
Pam Lisotta.... Miss Andrew *
Savannah Owens.... Katie Nanna, Ensemble *
Scott Osborne.... Bank Chairman *
Zachary Osborne.... Michael Banks *
Aimee Murrah.... Ensemble
Alvin Jackson.... Ensemble
Audrie St. Cyr.... Ensemble
Diana LaSalla.... Bird Woman
Don Guillot.... Park Keeper, ensemble
Eli Moore.... Ensemble
Emily Hynes.... Ensemble
Emma Harrison.... Ensemble
Emmy Lafaver.... Ensemble
Hagan Harkins.... Ensemble
Jamie Skiles.... Ensemble
John Harkins.... Ensemble
Joseph Fasone.... Ensemble
Marcello Barbaro.... Von Hussler
Michael Chandler.... Ensemble
Olivia Barbaro.... Ensemble
Rachel Roy.... Ensemble
Samantha Harkins.... Ensemble
Sarah Toepfer.... Ensemble
Scott Osborne.... Bank Chairman
Tate Robertson.... Ensemble
Taylor Kidd.... Ensemble
Teresa Fasone.... Ensemble
Trenton Gilmore.... Ensemble
Trey Harkins.... Ensemble
*=featured role