Monday, June 17, 2013

SLT Names ‘Into the Woods’ Season’s Best Show

The Slidell Little Theatre production of James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim's fractured fairy tale Into the Woods, took Best Show honors at the community theatre’s recent Ginny Awards ceremony.

Named after SLT founder Virginia Madison, the Ginny Awards recognize achievement during the community theatre’s six main stage productions, including categories for acting, directing, choreography, set design, lighting, sound and more.

The winners of the 2012-2013 Season Ginny Awards are:
Best Lighting Design – Ryan Robichaux for “Into the Woods”
Best Sound Design – Josh St. Cyr and Fred Martinez for “A Streetcar Named Desire”
Best Costumes – Larry Johnson, Jr. and Julie Generes for “Into the Woods”
Best Set – Larry Johnson, Sr. and Larry Johnson Jr. for “Into the Woods”
Best Choreography Larry Johnson, Jr. for “Into the Woods”
Best Supporting Actress Diana La Salla for “Into the Woods”
Best Supporting Actor Joshua Brewer for “Into the Woods”
Best Actress – Mary Kathryn Carrol for “Show Boat”
Best Actor – Gary Mendoza forA Christmas Story”
Best Musical Director – John Giraud for “Into the Woods”
Best DirectorLarry Johnson Jr. forInto the Woods.”
Best Show – “Into the Woods” – Producer Brandee Krieger; Director Larry Johnson, Jr.; and Stage Manager Mitch Stubbs.

Sarah Boudreaux Smith won awards for Best Poster and Best Marquee (both for Show Boat).  Jack Faust was named Ham of the Year for his portrayal of Milky White in Into the Woods.

The Ginny Awards were first introduced during the 1968-1969 Season. That year, “Of Mice and Men” was named Best Show.

Gary Mendoza received SLT’s Ginny Award for Best Actor
for his tour de force performance as the adult Ralph Parker
in “A Christmas Story.” Mendoza teaches talented theatre
at Covington High School.  (Photo by Michael Clark)

The very talented Mary Kathryn Carrol, singing with her co-star Michael McAndrews 
in “Show Boat,” was nominated twice in the same season for Best Actress.
She took home the top honor for her portrayal of Magnolia “Nola” Hawks in “Show Boat.”
(Photo by Michael Clark)

Best Supporting Actress
Diana La Salla as the Wicked Witch threatens Little Red Riding Hood
in a scene from “Into the Woods.” La Salla was awarded the Ginny for
Best Supporting Actress.
(Photo by Paul Wood)
Best Supporting Actor
Joshua Brewer as Jack of beanstalk fame has his ear pinched by his mother (Renee Saussaye)
after she learned he sold their prized milk cow for a handful of worthless beans
in the musical, “Into the Woods.”  Brewer received the Ginny Award
for Best Supporting Actor.
(Photo by Michael Clark)

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