Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Director's Vision: Giraud Discusses 'Magi'

John Giraud, the director of SLT’s production of “The Gifts of the Magi,” talks about his vision for the musical now onstage at Slidell Little Theatre through Dec. 15, 2013....

Tell us about your vision and inspirations for your production.

Inspired by the newsboy narrator, Giraud keeps
with the newspaper theme to decorate the cityscape.
 (Photo by Don Redman)

Giraud : I see this show as a storybook tale for grown-ups. Since the narrator of the story is a paperboy, I thought it would be interesting to use newspapers in representing the city skyline. The husband character, Jim, sings about how “a new frost upon the city covers up the grime”, hence the layer of white on top. The actors themselves provide great inspiration for the show. In rehearsals, they bring their own ideas and suggestions of how to tell the story. What we end up with is something greater than I had originally imagined.

What are the challenges to staging this production?

Giraud: The biggest challenge to staging this production is making sure that it stays simple. The O. Henry plays are so strong on their own. The music and staging should enhance the stories of “The Cop and the Anthem” and “The Gift of the Magi”. You don’t want the packaging to outshine the gift itself.

What the audience can expect to see?

Giraud: The audience can expect to see very talented local actors giving a Christmas present to this community. They have given up many family dinners, weekend events, and sleep in order
to put this show together. Amid the bustle of the Holiday season, I hope that watching this show helps you remember all the things you love about Christmas! 
Della and Jim Dillingham (Jessica Stubbs and Rob Reidenauer)
try to keep Christmas simple in SLT’s production of
“The Gifts of the Magi.”
(Photo by Justin Redman)

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