Friday, February 21, 2014

Audition Dates Announced for ‘Kiss Me, Kate’

Fan favorite musical caps Slidell Little Theatre’s Season

Slidell Little Theatre is holding auditions March 9 and 10 for everyone’s favorite musical, “Kiss Me, Kate.”

Audition times are 7 p.m. both nights. Directed by Renee Saussaye, the musical features a number of roles for men and women of various ages. Auditions are open to the public.

Slidell Little Theatre’s final Main Stage production of the season, “Kiss Me, Kate” is a play-within-a-play with music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The story involves the production of a musical version of William Shakespeare's “The Taming of the Shrew” and the conflict on and off-stage between Fred Graham, the show's director, producer, and star, and his leading lady, his ex-wife Lilli. A secondary romance concerns Lois Lane, the actress playing Bianca, and her gambler boyfriend, Bill, who runs afoul with some gangsters.

On stage weekends April 25 - May 18
Performances are weekends April 25 – May 18.

A complete listing of the characters are listed below.

Auditioners should come prepared to sing 32 measures of a song that best showcases his or her voice.  Song selected should be from a Broadway show, not a pop song or anything you would normally hear on the radio. Broadway music styles are vastly different from today’s music.

Be prepared to learn a short dance combination for auditions.  Not everyone will need to dance but there will be choreographed movement for all musical numbers.

Be prepared to do “cold readings” from the script.  Nothing needs to be prepared in advance, but just be ready to do readings.

It is not necessary to come to both nights of auditions, unless the director asks you to.

Please bring a calendar so you can put down all conflicts you may have over rehearsal/performance dates, and bring a current headshot or photo to attach to your audition form.

For additional information, please email your questions to

“Kiss Me, Kate” is presented through special arrangement with Tams Witmark Music Library.

 “Kiss Me Kate” – Cast of Characters

* Hattie – Lilli Vanessi’s Dresser

 * Paul – Fred Graham’s Dresser, specialty dance & leader of solo trio for “Too Darn Hot”
* Lois Lane (Bianca Minola) – A night club singer in her first featured role on the stage

 * Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) – A Broadway hoofer, Lois’ partner, and a chronic gambler
* Lilli Vanessi (Katherine Minola) – A star stage & screen actress, former wife of Fred Graham
* Fred Graham (Petruchio) – Writer, producer, director, actor and superman
* First Man (“Aide” to Katherine) – Gunman-enforcer & half-donkey for Finale Act II
* Second Man (“Aide” to Katherine) – Gunman-enforcer & half-donkey for Finale Act II
* General Harrison Howell – Career military officer, politician, and Lilli’s “new” man

Pops the Stage Doorman (Padua Priest) – Ensemble, part of male quartet for Opening Act I and “Bianca” and 3rd male solo for “Cantiamo D’Amore”
Ralph – Stage Manager and ensemble singer
Dance Captain (Gregory) – Servant to Petruchio, ensemble dancer & Padua recorder player

Harry Trevor (Baptista Minola) – A veteran character actor

Stagehand #1 & Cab Driver (Nathaniel) – Part of male quartet for Opening Act I & “Bianca”, Servant to Petruchio, Padua mandolin player, 2nd male solo for “Cantiamo D’Amore”

Flynt, Aide to General Howell (Gremio) – Ensemble dancer and first suitor

Riley, Aide to General Howell (Hortensio) – Ensemble dancer, second suitor, 1st male solo for “Cantiamo D’Amore”

Stagehand #2 (Philip) – Part of male quarter for Opening Act I, “Bianca, and vocal trio for “Too Darn Hot”, plus servant to Petrchio & half-donkey for “We Open in Venice”

Stagehand #3 & Driver for General Howell (Haberdasher) - Part of male quarter for Opening Act I, “Bianca, and vocal trio for “Too Darn Hot”, plus half-donkey for “We Open in Venice”

Wardrobe Lady – Ensemble singer and part of female quartet for “Bianca”

Padua Inn Waitress – Part of female quartet for “Bianca”

Two Women – Ensemble singers and part of female quartet for “Bianca”

Four Women – Ensemble dancers

* Notes principal singing roles


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