Sunday, October 5, 2014

Director Renee Saussaye Talks ‘Move Over Mrs. Markham’

By Don Redman

Fresh from last season’s closing production of Kiss Me Kate, Renee Saussaye is back at the helm, directing an ensemble cast in the British bedroom farce, Move Over, Mrs. Markham.
Renee Saussaye

Written by John Chapman and Ray Cooney, veterans of the Whitehall Theatre in London famously known for its farces, the play is a real throwback to the golden age of bedroom farces where misunderstanding, confusion and illicit affairs abound, making for a fun evening of adult entertainment.

We caught up with Renee to learn more about what she has in store for audiences when the show opens Friday, October 10, 2014.

Tell us about your vision and inspirations for MOMM.

SAUSSAYE: Move Over, Mrs. Markham is a non-stop British bedroom farce set in the 70's.  I tried to keep true to the era with the costumes and set decoration and I hope that we successfully accomplished that.  My inspiration for the overall look of the show was the Austin Powers movies.  Oh.....and also the fact that I went to high school in the mid 70's!!
Can't have a bedroom farce without a bed! This round bed
is an important character in the comedy.

What are the challenges to staging this production?

SAUSSAYE: I believe the main challenge is to try and convince the audience that we are actually in 1970's London.  Developing a British accent for everyone is also a big challenge.  It's difficult to strike the right balance to achieve the right accent - not too much and not too little.  Also, this is a very fast-paced comedy with lots of near misses, mistaken identities, and general confusion.  Snappy and brisk delivery of lines and action is crucial to the success of this show.

Set is coming together as show nears opening night.

What the audience can expect to see?
SAUSSAYE: Comedy at its finest!!

Onstage Oct. 10 -26

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