Friday, February 20, 2015

'Full Monty' Auditions March 1, 2015

Director Scott Sauber brings a story of finding the confidence to do what you never thought you could go THE FULL MONTY.  Jerry and his friends are all struggling to make ends meet when a hair-brained idea gets thrown on the table.  Just when society says they can't (or perhaps, shouldn't) the 6 guys are out to prove the world wrong in a big way.

The ensemble of 12 men (6 willing to bare it all) and 10 women form the cast.

Jerry leads the "band" with an ex-wife and a kid to fight for. (30ish with a tenor range)

Dave has a few more pounds then he is willing to show off. (30-40ish with a round shape)    ---together, the two come up with the plan

Harold lives the high life and with some dance experience, set out to teach the men some moves. (early 40s, looks good in a suit)

Malcolm lives at home - with his mother. (30s with a slight frame)

Ethan doesn't care one way or the other, but is nice to look at (and does a little more showing then the other 5.) (20s-30s with a physique)

and "Horse" a black man. (older is better - tenor range)

***the show does begin with a classic Chippendale-type dancer.  He has two scenes aside from his dance number.  Abs, pecs, quads, lats, buns -- we would like to show the ladies a little something.  Won't have a lot of rehearsal, but then again, shouldn't need a lot of rehearsal.

The other guys will dance for an opportunity to be on the line, but seriously - no experience necessary.  They also jeer and cajole the guys into baring it all.

Jerry needs an ex-wife (non-singing)
Dave's wife Georgie leads the ladies in their powerhouse songs (Woman's World!)
Vicki is Harold's wife - stylish and ritzy
and Jeanette: Sassy, quick-witted, and larger than life. A piano player up in age, eager to put on a show!
The other ladies join the men in cheering on the boys.

While there is an allure about the boys going the Full Monty [and yes, the boys must be willing to GO THE FULL MONTY] the show is about fighting your demons and being proud of who you are.  The nudity is never gratuitous, but COURAGEOUS, and the crowd will cheer you on.  As a former cast member, I promise you will be treated with respect and the lighting will be mesmerizing.

Auditions begin Sunday, March 1 @ 7:00 at Slidell Little Theatre.
32 bars of an upbeat theater tune would be ideal - an accompanist will be provided.
Rehearsals commence March 22, Sundays through Thursdays, 7:30 - 10:00.
Performances run May 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 @ SLT.


1: Be yourself.  I know the anxiety about putting yourself out there.  I won't ask you to do what I won't do myself.
2: Prepare your song.  The internet is full of rehearsal tracks and piano accompaniment.  Smile and be comfortable.
3: Don't take clothes off during the audition.  That is not appropriate.
4:This is a GUY'S show.  We need the good ol' boys singing songs about being "good ol' boys."
5: The wives should be fierce!  Upbeat modern theater songs - this is an upbeat show.
6: Read the website:  Know what you're getting into.
7: Do not worry about the Full Monty part.  You're in good hands.

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  1. Is a time set for Rehearsal on Sunday Mar. 22, 2015? Will there be a rehearsal?