Monday, February 23, 2015

‘Doubt’ Director Draws Cast Close for Intimate Performance with Audience

Slidell Little Theatre’s production of the powerful drama, “Doubt: A Parable” is set to open February 27, 2015 with performances running weekends through March 15.

A Catholic priest, Father Flynn, is suspected by Sister Aloysius of sexual molestation of the only African American boy in a Catholic school in New York City. She is determined to stop him. Sister James, a neophyte nun, wants to do the right thing, but is unsure who to believe. Mrs. Muller, the mother of the boy in question, doesn’t want to cause any trouble for reasons of her own. The audience is challenged in their own beliefs and criteria for accusation. Did he do it or is he being falsely accused?
Gary Mendoza

The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning “Doubt” is directed by Gary Mendoza and stars Larry Johnson, Jr. as Father Flynn, Anne Pourciau as Sister Aloysius, Maria Hefte as Sister James and Shelby Faciane as Mrs. Muller.

In advance of the show's opening, Gary shared with us what audiences can expect on stage.

Tell us about your vision and inspirations for Doubt.
I was drawn to this show because of the cast size. I am used to dealing with numerous high school students in large scale productions, that I embraced the chance for a challenge on this intimate of a level. I want to really connect with the audience and make them go through the same thought process that the four actors have to go through.

What are the challenges to staging this production?
Keeping that connection. Since SLT is a relatively small space, we brought everything down closer to the audience.

What the audience can expect to see?
Four actors who know how to handle a show of this magnitude. They say that 90% of a show is casting. If that is true then I can coast for the other 10% because they have such a good grasp on their characters that it is an absolute joy to direct these people.

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